#instantquarantaine / Nude  photography by Model Lin Chong ★18 | STRKNG

#instantquarantaine - © Lin Chong
Dominique Maigné

Square Series / Nude  photography by Model Lin Chong ★18 | STRKNG

Square Series - © Lin Chong
Marcus Bodenmann

Girl / Nude  photography by Model Lin Chong ★18 | STRKNG

Girl - © Lin Chong
Memories of Hope

Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 16 / Fine Art  photography by Model Lin Chong ★18 | STRKNG

Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 16 - © Lin Chong
Alexandre Pierre Albert

2020-08-20 13:17 
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 3 / Fine Art / blue,green,hotel,phone,asian,girl,dress
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 3
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 7 / Nude / girl,blue,green,hotel,relax,window
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 7
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 15 / Fine Art / lingerie,window,blue,sky,woman
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 15
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 20 / Schwarz-weiss / lingerie,happy,joy,bed,smile
Polaro!D: Part 1 Pic. 20

Polaro!D: Part 1 - The eBook

"Polaro!D: Part 1 - The eBook" is a collaborative effort between Alexandre and myself. Through a series of photographs in different locations - whichever may inspire us - we tell fictional short stories. May they stir your emotions, ignite your imagination or simply make for a nice afternoon of pondering.

This blog features 4 out of the 21 photographs featured in Part 1.


Polaro!D: this is part one of ten - 08.2020

Model: Lin Chong
On Instagram: @linchong.angel

Pictures & Texts : Alexandre Pierre Albert
On Instagram: @pierrealbertalexandre

25hours Hotel, Zürich, Switzerland

Lingerie - Agent Provocateur, Bluebella
Dress - Model's own
Bag - Freitag Lab
Shoes - Steve Madden

Subsequent chapters will be published monthly from September 2020, available as ebook on Amazon. At the end of the journey all parts will be collected and assembled in a book.

All the images are also available as open-edition prints on Saatchi Art https://www.saatchiart.com/linchong.angel
Limited numbered signed prints are also available by contacting the author at apa@no3web.info.


Book Excerpt

Surprisingly, as we are living, more and more in the instant; instant messages, instant gratification, instant reaction... we almost forgot what an instant used to be, what an instant use to mean.

Polaroid, thank you Mr. Land, captured your soul in an instant; your soul and the rest.
The rest being all the imperfections that make the background of our lives.

The car passing by; the walker and his dog, stopping for a pee, just during that really unique moment; that ray of light by the window, obscured by a 747 heading East.

All these imperfections we wanted out of our perfect pictures, are, in fact the core of our perfect memories. All these imperfections that are, ultimately, after many cursing and resignation, life; life after all.

If not for you, Monsieur l’ingénieur, reality would not be the same. I mean, that reality, almost perfect, but not quite...

Lin Chong

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  • Model Lin Chong
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36 XS
Measurements BxWxT (cm)
86 x 64 x 94
Fashion, Glamour, Lingerie, Swimwear, Editorial, Lifestyle, Hair/Makeup, Bodypaint, Dance, Nude, Portrait

From Singapore. Based in Switzerland.

Available for paid work and selected TFPs.
Look forward to your enquiries. Thank you.

Follow me on Instagram: @linchong.angel

*** eBooks on Amazon ***
Polaro!D: Part 1 - Fleeting Tales on (Im)Perfection
Polaro!D: Part 2 - A Tower, pink shoes and a missing plastic box
Polaro!D: Intermezzo 1 - Cinematic - A dream a dinner and a warehouse; a black cheongsam and a smile
Polaro!D: Part 3 - A giant fox, a train and some whales; spilling light, and a schedule
Polaro!D: Intermezzo / Interlude (II): A potted plant, a room without a roof; an afternoon tea and a velvet curtain
Polaro!D: Part 4 - Postcard Switzerland: Fleeting Tales on (Im)Perfection

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